How To Play Sbobet Snooker Pool Games

Guide and How to Play Snooker Pool Games Sbobet – Billiard is One of the favorite games among groups of Indonesian people both in terms of sports and entertainment. Plus the game is often used as a betting arena. Even a well-known betting website such as Sbobet provides a billiard betting market known as ‘pools; or ‘snooker’ in Sbobet. It is not surprising that the website is always crowded with fans of any game betting.

So what is Snooker? Snooker is a type of billiard game played by 2 players. The billiard balls placed on the table are 15 red balls, 6 colored balls, and 1 white ball. The basic rule of this game is that each player must put a red ball into each pocket hole.

After all, the red balls are inserted, then the colored balls, and finally the black balls. The player with the most points (ball) will also be the winner. Above is a brief introduction to Billiard Snooker. So those of you who visit this article want to be a Bettor and are interested in learning how to play billiard gambling? If so, without further ado, we will also discuss it below.

General Terms of Steps to Play Billiard Gambling

It takes precedence here where you are a ‘Bettor’, not a ‘Player’. Because this betting game is not like the online billiard game that you usually play on free websites, social media like Facebook, and so on. Given that there are often misunderstandings between players and the agent.

The following are the conditions that bettors must know:

  • All bets will also be considered valid (accepted) when the competition is completed.
  • A player cannot compete, so bets on that player will also be void.
  • If a player is disqualified before the competition is resolved then all bets will also be considered void.
  • If the competition is postponed then all bets are void.
  • If a match starts before the schedule has been decided, then only bets before the match starts are considered valid. Bets placed after the competition has started are not considered valid.

Type of Betting Market Steps to Play Billiard Gambling Online

Usually, the betting market in online billiards is not much different from other football betting markets. The following are the types of bets and their descriptions.

Money Line (ML)

Players predict who will also win in that competition. If the result of the competition is a draw (draw), then all bets are void (refunded).


Players predict the winner based on the Asian market handicap (voor’s). The name of the player in black gives a voor. On the other hand, the player’s name in blue gets a voor.


  1. The player predicts the number of digits from the frame whether the end will be over (over) or under (under).
  2. If the competition is abandoned, then Over/Under bets will also be made when the market has been determined without any prerequisites and the potential for further will not affect the betting market.


Predict the number of frames whether odd (odds) or vice versa even (even).

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7 Basic Rules in the Billiard Game that You Must Know

There are general rules in the game of billiards that must be known. This rule is important to know for those of you who play billiards. Billiard is one sport that is popular among young people to the elderly.

This sport can also generally be played individually or in teams, men and women are also free to play this game. High concentration and a mature level of accuracy are needed in this game, as well as a special strategy to get all the balls into the hole. But before playing, players are obliged to know the general rules in the game of billiards.

Here are the General Rules in the Billiard Game

1. Break System

Break system is one of the rules in the sport of Billiard. Breaks will be carried out alternately and specifically for the first break, it will be carried out using a lottery system. Every Break, there must be at least four balls that touch the cushion or it will be considered a violation if less than four balls.

2. Foot Position

The position of the foot when shooting must also be adjusted to the rules of the game. In the rules, players are not allowed to shoot the ball by jumping or lifting one leg. If you do, it will be considered a violation.

3. Qualification System

Billiard sports have a different qualification system between regular games and the final and semi-finals. The difference lies in the fall system to achieve the goal. In ordinary games, the best of the three systems will be used.

In the semifinals and finals, the best of five systems will be used. The difference between the two rules lies in the winner in each match, if it is the best of three, then the player must win the game twice. Meanwhile, the best of five systems applies to three wins.

4. Playing Ethics

Playing ethics is included in the Billiard sport which is regulated to maintain sportsmanship between players. In the rules, players must not disturb their opponents when they are playing.

In addition, players who have not yet had their turn must wait in the designated place and are not allowed to smoke. Players also must not intimidate and pay attention to the position of their sticks so as not to disturb their opponents.

5. Violations

Violations will occur if the player does the following things; The white ball goes into the hole, the white ball hits another ball other than the smallest number left on the table, the ball goes out of the game table, The white ball does not touch the target.

Then there are other rules when the ball is hit it doesn’t touch the cushion, puts or leaves the stick on the table, and the last one hits while the other ball is still moving.

6. Penalties for Violating

Players will be punished if they violate any of the rules in the previous point. Among these penalties are; Opposing players are given the opportunity for a free ball or free stroke.

Then, if the offense is committed for three consecutive times, the player will be declared lost in the game. Before three times, the referee must first notify if the violation has occurred twice.

7. Arrangement of Billiard Balls

Balls will be arranged in the form of diamonds before making the first stroke. The position of number one ball is at the top of the diamond, while the number nine ball is placed in the middle.

Then, if it is arranged, players are required to enter the ball in sequence. The player who gets nine balls into the hole first will be declared the winner.