James Warren White MBE (born 2 May 1962) is an English professional snooker player who has won three seniors World titles. Nicknamed “The Whirlwind” because of his fluid, attacking style of play, White is the 1980 World Amateur Champion, 2009 Six-red World champion, 3 time World Seniors Champion (2010, 2019, 2020), 2019 Seniors 6-Red World Champion and 1984 World Doubles champion with Alex Higgins. White has won two of snooker’s three majors: the UK Championship (in 1992) and the Masters (in 1984) and a total of ten ranking events. He is currently tenth on the all-time list of ranking event winners…(read more)


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Billiards Mastery – Professional Techniques for Perfect Aiming

Navigating the maze of billiards aiming techniques can often lead to more questions than answers. Is it possible to structure a pool training regimen that offers foolproof methods for every shot angle?

While some aiming systems promise precision, it’s undeniable that many professionals rely on their years of hands-on experience. Several esteemed coaches might argue, “Ditch the aiming systems!” Nevertheless, the right system can be a safeguard against what I’ve termed the “illusion hit” — a situation where a direct aim at the contact point results in an off-mark shot.

Factor out the collision-induced deflections, and you’ll find that aiming dead-center at the contact point can be deceptive. That’s why novices often resort to the ghost ball method, visualizing the cue ball’s trajectory towards the pocket line.

Discovering the Power of Linear Aiming

Visualizing an abstract target can be challenging. The renowned Parallel Aim technique, championed by billiards legends like Greenleaf, Mosconi, and Varner, bridges the gap between tangible and theoretical. Instead of aiming at an intangible spot, this method involves drawing mental parallel lines between the contact points. Extend these imaginary lines through the center of the cue ball. Think of these lines as crisscrossing over the equatorial belts of the balls, rather than focusing on the table’s surface.

Joe Tucker’s commendable “Aiming by the Numbers” tutorial offers insights into the Parallel Aim sans the intricate lines. Whether it’s cara membidik bola billiard Pararel or Ghost Ball, the objective remains: to make the cue ball skirt the edge of the object ball, akin to trying to throw a baseball into a glove versus barely brushing against its side.

Unveiling the Ultimate Pro Aiming Techniques

Consider adopting the “Master’s Precision Aim” method. This entails aiming squarely at the contact point while subliminally aligning with the center of the ghost ball!

Picture the collision. The cue ball gets bisected on either side of the contact point, creating a useful ghost edge reference. It’s crucial to zone in on the part of the cue ball, the “front”, that makes contact with the object ball, rather than the side that merely glides past. Seasoned players peer through the ghost ball, targeting the genuine edge of the object ball, avoiding the distraction of the empty space at the ghost ball’s center.

When employing the ghost ball technique, it’s as if you’re directing and even guiding the cue straight at the contact point. The conviction is that both the cue stick and its forefront align perfectly with the contact line—even if they don’t. This method allows you to pocket a greater number of balls than you previously thought feasible, delivering more wholesome hits compared to the ghost ball approach, especially when shots are heavily misjudged.

The Master’s Precision Aim is highly effective for clean strikes to about medium ball hits. If the cue ball’s forefront doesn’t seem aligned, remain fixated on the contact point. However, let a different edge of the cue ball, not its forefront, connect with the contact point. Reinforce this technique repeatedly until this paramount billiard training integrates seamlessly with your innate hand-eye coordination and intuitive understanding.

The Dynamic Pivot Aiming Strategy

Dive into a profound aiming technique that I’ve named the “Pivot Aim”, a method championed by players like Johnny Archer and Efren Reyes. This strategy, shared by myself, Hal Houle, and a select group of experts, predates this article. To give due respect to Hal, it’s essential to differentiate between Houle’s Pivot Aim and his debated aiming technique based on fractions and angles.

Rather than focusing on the contact point, position your aim on the edge of the object ball, integrating a hint of English, and ensuring alignment with a slight off-center grip using both hands. Keeping your bridge hand stationary, rotate your cue stick to the ball’s center, leveraging only your stroking arm. With this alignment, you’ll find that your aim precisely targets the object ball’s cut towards the pocket in a majority of shots. And yes, it’s as effective as it sounds.

Given the variability in bridge length among players, some experimentation is needed. Feel free to tinker with the left or right edges of the ball, adjusting the English as required, or attempting finer cuts on the ball. A quick tip for enthusiasts: for perfect half-ball shots, stick to the traditional Pro Aim.

A word of caution: constantly adjusting the cue’s angle during your stance isn’t advisable. Professionals have subtly mastered an “edge and pivot” technique, relying solely on visual judgment before settling into their final, precise stance.

The Pivot Aim strategy offers a renewed perspective on the interplay among the cue ball, object ball, and pocket. Give it a whirl; it might resonate with your playing style. Whether you’re inclined towards a structured aiming system or trust your gut instinct, remember, a true professional zeroes in on the contact point, ignoring the deceptive void of the ghost space.

This piece sheds light on some pivotal aiming techniques that seasoned players swear by—insights that I was fortunate to acquire early in my billiards journey, enabling me to hone my shooting skills. Stay tuned for an insightful follow-up article exploring the nuances of stroke mechanics. A tip of the hat to About.com and myself for pushing the envelope in billiards knowledge!

Regulation-Sized Pool Table

What is a Regulation-Sized Pool Table?

Pool has been a favorite pastime for many people across the world, spanning generations. Whether played casually in a home basement, or professionally in tournaments, the game is universally loved. Central to the game is the pool table itself. But what is considered a “regulation-sized” pool table, and why does its size matter?

Some Stipulated Sizes

Before delving into the definition of a regulation-sized pool table, it’s essential to recognize that there are different specifications, primarily depending on the type of game being played and the governing body.

  • American Pool: Often referred to as “pocket billiards” in the United States, the standard table size is 9 feet by 4.5 feet. However, you might also come across 8 feet tables in many casual settings like bars or homes. The 8-foot version is sometimes termed “bar boxes” because of their frequent appearance in pubs and clubs.
  • Snooker: While snooker is a different game than American pool, it’s worth mentioning its table dimensions for context. Snooker tables are typically larger, measuring 12 feet by 6 feet.
  • English Pool: This game type uses a smaller table, often 7 feet by 4 feet, distinguishing it from its American counterpart.

Different Types of Tables

Beyond the stipulated sizes, there are various types of pool tables, each catering to different needs and spaces:

  • Bar Tables: Often found in pubs and social clubs, these are typically 7 feet or 8 feet tables. They’re great for casual games and typically coin-operated.
  • Tournament Tables: Used in professional competitions, these tables adhere strictly to regulation sizes. They offer the highest level of play, with precision-crafted surfaces and pockets.
  • Convertible Tables: These versatile tables can transform from a dining table to a pool table, making them ideal for homes with limited space.
  • Outdoor Tables: Made with weather-resistant materials, these tables are perfect for patios or outdoor events.

Size Does Matter

So, why is size so crucial in pool? Several reasons emphasize the importance of table dimensions:

  • Skill Level: Larger tables, like the 9-foot versions, require more precision and control. Thus, they’re often preferred by professionals who desire a challenge.
  • Space Constraints: Not every home or venue can accommodate a large table. In such cases, smaller tables are more practical.
  • Type of Play: Different games require different table sizes. For instance, snooker demands larger tables due to the game’s intricacies and longer shots.
  • Consistency: For professionals, playing on a consistent table size helps maintain and hone their skills.

In conclusion, understanding the nuances of a pool table’s dimensions can significantly enhance one’s appreciation of the game. Whether you’re a casual player or an aspiring professional, it’s beneficial to recognize the importance of the table size in the world of pool.

Top 5 Best Addictive Billiard Games for Android

Who doesn’t like billiards? Although not as popular as other sports, this sport is also included in the category of sports that require a high level of concentration. It takes perseverance and excellent physical ability to be able to play billiards well.

For those of you who really like billiards, of course, playing billiard games is a mandatory thing that must be on your smartphone. Even though it’s only a game, you must control the aim stick and power properly and correctly.

Well, this time we managed to collect 5 of the best billiard games for Android that you can play offline and online. The five billiard games below, of course, you can download for free! What’s the list? This is the review.

8 Ball pool

8 ball pool

Who is not familiar with 8 Ball Pool? This multiplayer billiard game made by Miniclip.com was already popular on Facebook, then switched to mobile devices, namely Android and iOS. Needless to say, the gameplay in this game will certainly not disappoint you.

With more than 500 million downloads, this game has become the most popular online billiard game with a large number of players from various countries. In this game, you can play in different modes, including one-on-one duels or tournaments with 8 players.

Every match you win, of course, you will get coins as a reward. Now, you can use these coins to buy sticks for the billiard table. Interestingly, you can also invite your friends to compete in one-on-one duels.

Pool Billiards Pro

Pool Billiards Pro is the best offline billiard game with simple gameplay but will make you addicted. How not, because TerranDroid presents various levels of difficulty to a variety of billiard table options.

In this game, there are 3 choices of playing modes, including VS. Mode (Players vs. Computers), Timer Mode, and Arcade Mode. The three game modes have different rules. But in essence, you still have to play well in subverting your enemy to the last ball.

Not only presents realistic graphics, but this game also has touch controls that are easy to control. Besides that, this game is also quite light, so Gingerbread android users can still enjoy this game.

Pool Live Tour

pool live tour

Although not as popular as 8 Ball Pool, this online billiard game from Geewa has good gameplay and graphics. Not only that, players will also feel control or aim in controlling billiard sticks that are more natural, for example, such as spinning or bouncing white balls.
Here you can choose to play in 12 levels, of course, your chips must be sufficient to be able to play at each particular table. To give the impression of playing a more exciting game, you can also buy various kinds of billiard sticks to maximize game performance.

Pocket 8 Ball

After the success of various games made by him, matrix seems to be involved in making a sports game that is quite popular, namely billiards. His billiard game is called Pocket 8 Ball.

Here you can choose two play modes, namely single-play and multi-play. If you play against the computer in the single mode, now in this multiplayer mode, you will compete directly against other players worldwide.

What makes this game quite good is the very smooth ball movement coupled with easy-to-control controls. Are you curious about the gameplay? Eat it, just install it on your android right now!

Cue Billiard Club: 8 Ball Pool

cue billiard club

Cue Billiard Club will invite you to experience a more exciting and realistic simulation of playing billiards. How not, Obumo Games presents very realistic 3D graphics and an accurate and challenging controller. In addition, this game is also equipped with very good visual effects, both in terms of sound and ball movement.

There are two game modes, including against the computer or multi-players. In the multiplayer mode itself, later you can play a tournament filled with players from various countries. It sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Those are the five best billiard games for Android based on ratings and reviews of Android users. With this game, now you can rely on the billiard game to fill your spare time, guaranteed to be addicted.

Android provides so many online games, which you can play single-player or multi-player with your friends. Not just billiards, there are a bunch of interesting games available for you to play freely, casual games, online gambling games, arcade games, RPGs, and many sports games. For online gambling, the one that you should pay attention to is slot games, which are pretty popular nowadays. Expecting a big chunk of real money prizes and excitement you won’t find on any other games.

JimmyWhiteSnooker Sbobet

How To Play Sbobet Snooker Pool Games

Guide and How to Play Snooker Pool Games Sbobet – Billiard is One of the favorite games among groups of Indonesian people both in terms of sports and entertainment. Plus the game is often used as a betting arena. Even a well-known betting website such as Sbobet provides a billiard betting market known as ‘pools; or ‘snooker’ in Sbobet. It is not surprising that the website is always crowded with fans of any game betting.

So what is Snooker? Snooker is a type of billiard game played by 2 players. The billiard balls placed on the table are 15 red balls, 6 colored balls, and 1 white ball. The basic rule of this game is that each player must put a red ball into each pocket hole.

After all, the red balls are inserted, then the colored balls, and finally the black balls. The player with the most points (ball) will also be the winner. Above is a brief introduction to Billiard Snooker. So those of you who visit this article want to be a Bettor and are interested in learning how to play billiard gambling? If so, without further ado, we will also discuss it below.

General Terms of Steps to Play Billiard Gambling

It takes precedence here where you are a ‘Bettor’, not a ‘Player’. Because this betting game is not like the online billiard game that you usually play on free websites, social media like Facebook, and so on. Given that there are often misunderstandings between players and the agent.

The following are the conditions that bettors must know:

  • All bets will also be considered valid (accepted) when the competition is completed.
  • A player cannot compete, so bets on that player will also be void.
  • If a player is disqualified before the competition is resolved then all bets will also be considered void.
  • If the competition is postponed then all bets are void.
  • If a match starts before the schedule has been decided, then only bets before the match starts are considered valid. Bets placed after the competition has started are not considered valid.

Type of Betting Market Steps to Play Billiard Gambling Online

JimmyWhiteSnooker Sbobet

Usually, the betting market in online billiards is not much different from other football betting markets. The following are the types of bets and their descriptions.

Money Line (ML)

Players predict who will also win in that competition. If the result of the competition is a draw (draw), then all bets are void (refunded).


Players predict the winner based on the Asian market handicap (voor’s). The name of the player in black gives a voor. On the other hand, the player’s name in blue gets a voor.


  1. The player predicts the number of digits from the frame whether the end will be over (over) or under (under).
  2. If the competition is abandoned, then Over/Under bets will also be made when the market has been determined without any prerequisites and the potential for further will not affect the betting market.


Predict the number of frames whether odd (odds) or vice versa even (even).

Snooker bets are quite loved in Indonesia in the form of Agen SBOBET online gambling bets provided by Indonesian gambling agents. We still remember, we even took part in betting when Jimmy White was playing. The excitement and excitement cannot be expressed in words, especially if we win the bet!

Therefore, we recommend playing at Katsu5, an online slot gambling site from Indonesia which also participates in promoting Snooker gambling on their site. Katsu5 is famous for providing complete information on Snooker bets online because the owner also likes this Snooker game. Promotion on their website is also known as the largest among other competitors.


Stephen Chow, Hong Kong Actor Who Acted with Jimmy White

Stephen Chow, who is from Hong Kong, started his career in television in 1981, and seven years after that, he just entered the big screen. With a myriad of films that he has played and directed, it is no wonder that he is now known as one of the kings of comedy films.

Best Stephen Chow Movies

Well, if you want to return to nostalgia by watching the best and funniest Stephen Chow movie, we as a Jimmy White fan website will give you recommendations because there are surprises in this Stephen Chow movie too. Come on, see the following list.

1. Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

kungfu hustle

Talking about Stephen Chow’s best film, of course, the first title that comes to mind is Kung Fu Hustle. As the title suggests, this film tells the story of a battle between kung fu masters.

Not only was the film successful in its home country, Hong Kong, but this film also made profits in China and the US. The story centers on the character of the poor, played by Stephen Chow. He eventually becomes a kung fu master and kills the gangsters in his residence.

2. Shaolin Soccer (2001)

Before Kung Fu Hustle, Stephen Chow’s film that catapulted his name to the world was probably Shaolin Soccer.

The premise is actually quite simple, namely about a soccer club that plays soccer by relying on the power of self-defense. The hyperbolic character and story depiction immediately made this film explode in the market.

Because of its success as a football film, its version in Italy even used the dubbing of real football players Damiano Tommas, Vincent Candela, Marco Delvecchio, Sinisa Mihajlovic, Giuseppe Pancaro, and Angelo Peruzzi.

3. A Chinese Odyssey Part 1&2 (1994&1995)

chinese odyssey

For us, A Chinese Odyssey Part is still the best Stephen Chow film until now. This one film offers a complete package; a good story, neat music arrangement, cool costumes, and of course Stephen’s weird jokes.

The second part of this film is even crazier. So, get ready to laugh.

4. King of Comedy (1999)

If you want to know how Stephen Chow’s career, just watch this film. So one of the best Stephen Chow films, King of Comedy tells the story of Wan Tin-Sau, an actor who started his career from the ground up to become the king of comedy.

Not only full of slapstick, but this film also offers cool romance and of course Stephen’s loose jokes, such as blood coming out of his nose and mouth, similar to scenes in comics.

5. God of Cookery (1996)


One of Stephen Chow’s funniest films is his directorial debut. This is where Stephen’s film character begins to look mature.

Not only directing, but Stephen also acts in this very excessive cooking act.

6. From Beijing With Love (1994)

The next Stephen Chow film that you must watch is From Beijing With Love. Stephen Chow’s best drama film has the right mix of comedy and emotional touching stories.

7. Fight Back to School (1991)

Stephen Chow’s humor doesn’t stop here. This time, Stephen Chow partnered with Hong Kong’s top director, Gordon Chan, who directed many Jackie Chan and Jet Li films.

The best Stephen Chow film is about a policeman who disguises himself as a student to solve a case. This old student’s hilarious action is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

8. Legend of the Dragon (1991)

Jimmy White Legend of the Dragon

This film tells the story of Chow, a young kung fu student who studies righteously and has trouble leaving his home to go to Hong Kong with his father’s friend, Pakcik Yun. While in Hong Kong, Chow was famous for being a snooker champion. This film also shows Jimmy White as the champion of Snooker against Stephen Chow.

So, which one of the best and funniest Stephen Chow films above have you watched?

Jimmy White Snooker Jade

5 Former Top Athletes Who Dated ‘Young Leaves’

The elders of taro may be an appropriate sentence for these famous former sportsmen. The reason is that at the age they are classified as old they actually date sexy women who are much younger. The careers of these athletes are already over.

Their valor has also faded with age. But they prove that they are still attractive to the opposite sex. Below are five sports icons who are dating ‘young leaves’.

Here’s a piece of their love story as summarized from all official sources:

1. Michael Jordan

michael jordan yvette

The Chicago Bulls legend, who is now 57 years old, was previously married to Juanita Vanoy. However, they divorced in 2006. Not wanting to live alone for long, Jordan started looking for a partner. They met at a Club.

Jordan married the 41-year-old woman in 2013. Their wedding ceremony was lively and attended by celebrities such as Tiger Woods, Patrick Ewing, Spike Lee and Robin Thicke. Their wedding reception is estimated to spend 10 million pounds, or around Rp179 billion.

2. Ilie Nastase

The former world number one, a two-time Grand Slam winner, is now 73 years old. He had been married four times before but always ran aground. Nastase did not give up until finally getting back up the aisle with a 43-year-old woman named Ioana Simion, April 2019.

They just held a reception at the Mamaia resort on the waterfront of Constanta, Romania, Tuesday (9/6/2020). The couple has been dating since 2018. They remain harmonious despite their 30-year age gap.

3. Tiger Woods

tiger woods erica

Woods who is currently 44 years old also has a younger partner. He is dating a 34 year old woman named Erica Herman. The pair were first seen together in public while watching the United States win the Presidents Cup in New Jersey in October 2017.

They announced the relationship a month later. Erica is a woman who works as a manager of Woods’ restaurant, The Woods.

4. Jimmy White

Jimmy White Snooker Jade

The snooker athlete, nicknamed The Whirlwind, is now 58 years old. He started dating 35-year-old Jade Slusarczyk in 2018, about six years after their first meeting.

The pair’s first glimpse took place in a Snooker Shoot Out tournament. Uniquely at that time Slusarczyk did not know that White was a famous athlete. “Jimmy told me he was 35 when we first met,” Slusarczyk told the Mirror. “I didn’t even know who he was and whether he was famous,” he said.

5. Greg Norman

The legendary golfer from Australia was once married to Laura Anrassy and tennis player Chris Evert but it always ended in divorce. Until finally Norman remarried to Kirsten Kutner in 2010, a year after divorcing his second wife Evert. Norman is now 65 years old, while Kutner is 52.


7 Best Snooker Players in the World 2022

Snooker is another game that has been attracting attention since the 19th century in India, having been invented or invented by the British Soldiers during the time that the game has embraced its fans in China. This game has many variations, just like a regular game of billiards. Snooker comes from a slang term for inexperienced or first-year officer candidates.

There are various snooker tournaments and championships. For 2022, a list of new Snooker players who have demonstrated skill, skill, and intelligence in playing snooker. This ranking of the best snooker players is based on a two-year rolling format and total points for all stages.

Also read: 7 Basic Rules in the Billiard Game that You Must Know

Let’s take a look at the best snooker players of 2022

1. Graeme Dott

graeme dott

Speaking of ranking points during 2011-2012, Graeme got seventh and tenth in the last 32 games, which is a best of 9 frames. He was born and raised in Scotland where he played in the town of Larkhall. He placed 2nd in 2010 for world rankings and won various championship titles in 2006, 2010, and even early in his career in 1992 and 1993.

2. Ronnie O’Sullivan

a is one of England’s pride where he is known as “The Rocket” and won major titles in three championships in 2011, 2004, and 2008. In fact, he was ranked number one five times and received 22 different titles. For the 2011-2012 rankings based on points, he placed 18th and 14th for the last best 32 of 9 frames.

3. John Higgins

John Higgins

He is another Scottish player currently holding the world title, having received four titles in 1998, 2007, 2009, and 2011. He has 24 ranking titles. He has always been on the list of any race since he started playing in 1992. He finished third for the overall ranking based on points during 2011-2012.

4. Mark Williams

a represents the nation of Wales where he famously won world titles in 2000 and 2003. He is also known as The Welsh Potting Machine and has been ranked number one for three consecutive seasons. He is one of the rarest left-handers to have won 18 tournaments, held in 1999 and 2002 including the British championship.

5. Martin Gould

martin gould

He is another representative and pride of England playing from the city of Pinner and is known to his name as “Solid Gould”. Some of the victories he has won are the 2002 British Amateur Championships. He is in 12th place based on his current ranking points.

6. Shaun Murphy

Currently, he got the sixth position. As such, the Englishman is known as The Magician for his focus on long potting and straight cue action, where he also collected various championship titles at the 2005 World Championships, 2010-2011 Players Tour Championships, 2008 British Championships, and World Championships. 2009. The highest-ranking he received became part of the third position for the third year in a row.

7. Mark Allen

mark allen

He is the 10th spotter for the ranking points at the moment and he is proud to represent Northern Ireland, bearing the nickname The Pistol or All-in. This is also the highest ranking he has earned when he was able to win the 2004 World Amateur Championship.

Billiard Rules

7 Basic Rules in the Billiard Game that You Must Know

There are general rules in the game of billiards that must be known. This rule is important to know for those of you who play billiards. Billiard is one sport that is popular among young people to the elderly.

This sport can also generally be played individually or in teams, men and women are also free to play this game. High concentration and a mature level of accuracy are needed in this game, as well as a special strategy to get all the balls into the hole. But before playing, players are obliged to know the general rules in the game of billiards.

Here are the General Rules in the Billiard Game

Billiard Rules

1. Break System

Break system is one of the rules in the sport of Billiard. Breaks will be carried out alternately and specifically for the first break, it will be carried out using a lottery system. Every Break, there must be at least four balls that touch the cushion or it will be considered a violation if less than four balls.

2. Foot Position

The position of the foot when shooting must also be adjusted to the rules of the game. In the rules, players are not allowed to shoot the ball by jumping or lifting one leg. If you do, it will be considered a violation.

3. Qualification System

Billiard sports have a different qualification system between regular games and the final and semi-finals. The difference lies in the fall system to achieve the goal. In ordinary games, the best of the three systems will be used.

In the semifinals and finals, the best of five systems will be used. The difference between the two rules lies in the winner in each match, if it is the best of three, then the player must win the game twice. Meanwhile, the best of five systems applies to three wins.

4. Playing Ethics

Playing ethics is included in the Billiard sport which is regulated to maintain sportsmanship between players. In the rules, players must not disturb their opponents when they are playing.

In addition, players who have not yet had their turn must wait in the designated place and are not allowed to smoke. Players also must not intimidate and pay attention to the position of their sticks so as not to disturb their opponents.

5. Violations

Violations will occur if the player does the following things; The white ball goes into the hole, the white ball hits another ball other than the smallest number left on the table, the ball goes out of the game table, The white ball does not touch the target.

Then there are other rules when the ball is hit it doesn’t touch the cushion, puts or leaves the stick on the table, and the last one hits while the other ball is still moving.

6. Penalties for Violating

Players will be punished if they violate any of the rules in the previous point. Among these penalties are; Opposing players are given the opportunity for a free ball or free stroke.

Then, if the offense is committed for three consecutive times, the player will be declared lost in the game. Before three times, the referee must first notify if the violation has occurred twice.

7. Arrangement of Billiard Balls

Balls will be arranged in the form of diamonds before making the first stroke. The position of number one ball is at the top of the diamond, while the number nine ball is placed in the middle.

Then, if it is arranged, players are required to enter the ball in sequence. The player who gets nine balls into the hole first will be declared the winner.